Microspectrum Technology eral manager, warmly received.


Join forces and win-win cooperation | Remember Germany Gerstel, Tegent Technology to return to Microspectrum Technology  "Joint Lab"

At the end of August 2018, Mr. Klaus Peter, General Manager of Gerstel's global business in Germany, and Ms. Tan Surakanpinit, Asia-Pacific regional manager, and Cao Cheng and Product Specialist, Director of Sales Business of Tegent Technology Co., Ltd., visited the Microspectrum Technology and established it. Wu Jie, deputy general manager of the three-party "Joint Lab" and technical system of Microspectrum Technology , and Hou Xiaogang, director of the analytical laboratory, held talks and prospects.


Microspectrum Technology is a comprehensive technology service provider in the field of materials and chemistry. Its business covers materials, chemistry, environmental protection, food and biomedical fields. It addresses the problems encountered by enterprises in product development, quality control and intellectual property. Provide comprehensive solutions such as formula analysis, product development, product testing, and intellectual property consulting. And won the honorary title of high-tech enterprises, national SME public service demonstration platform, Shanghai science and technology small giant enterprise.

Gerstel is a world-renowned analytical equipment company specializing in the development of chromatographic sample preparation technology and automated injection technology. It was founded in 1967. Its multi-functional fully automatic sample preparation platform can be used for liquid injection, headspace injection (HS), solid phase microextraction (SPME), thermal desorption module (TDU), magnetic stirring adsorption extraction (SBSE), Sample pre-processing technologies such as Dynamic Headspace (DHS) are integrated into one, and are modular in design and can be used alone or in combination with each other for online injection. Its flexible sample preparation solution significantly increases sample throughput, reduces errors in human operation, and ensures reliability and sensitivity of analytical results. Its products are widely used in all parts of the world and in all walks of life, with a wide range of visibility and customer base.


Tegent Technology is a well-respected quality supplier in the scientific instrument industry, founded in 1992. Main laboratory analytical instruments, industrial testing instruments and process control equipment, with 22 offices and sales points throughout the country, providing a full range of pre-sales and after-sales technical support. It has covered universities, research institutes, government organizations, inspection agencies, industrial and enterprise customers, covering various industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and electronics.


In the early stage, after half a year of in-depth exchanges and understanding, Germany Gerstel and Tegent Technology and Micro-Spectrum finally decided to set up a dedicated joint laboratory with the goal of integrating Microspectrum Technology, Germany Gerstel, and Dexiang Technology. Together, we will create an authoritative solution regional center for materials and organic matter analysis. Based on this platform, Gerstel can penetrate into Chinese private enterprises in a deeper level. Micro-spectral technology can more deeply discover and solve customer problems, accumulate more application experience, communicate with each other, make mutual progress, and achieve a win-win situation.

During the return visit, Director Wei Xiaogang of Micro-spectrum led everyone to visit the completed joint laboratory, and the advanced equipment of the laboratory left a deep impression on everyone. Mr. Klaus Peter, General Manager of Gerstel Business in Germany, asked about the use of Gerstel MPS multi-function automatic sample pre-processing platform instrument, and discussed with the laboratory administrator and instrument operator about the maintenance and management of the instrument.



At present, the joint laboratory is stable, and under the leadership of micro-spectral leaders and technicians, the Gerstel MPS multi-function sample preparation platform is playing a huge role, especially in the direction of material odor analysis. Micro-spectrum technology has developed several experiments. The method is at the forefront of the industry and has provided customers with solutions to practical application problems. The synergistic innovation effect has initially appeared, and the construction of the joint laboratory system has achieved initial results. Mr. Gerstel Klaus Peter and Dexiang Technology Sales Manager Cao Cheng were full of expectations for the joint role of the joint lab, and agreed on a preliminary plan for cooperation and exchanges in the later period. Mr. Klaus Peter said that he hopes that the micro-spectral technology will organize the developed application cases into Newsletter and later publish it in Gerstel's Global Solutions magazine to promote better development. In addition, Mr. Klaus Peter also hopes that the solution of micro-spectrum can be pushed to globalization.