Microspectrum Technology  is spare no effort to provide scientists with solutions that are more conducive to understand materials and compounds by analysis and characterization techniques. As a mature brand of Microspectrum Technology in bio-pharmaceutical industry, WEIPU YIYAO has been using precision instruments, advanced analysis and identification technology together with professional medical R&D scientists, with the help of powerful databases, in drug analysis, drug quality research and safety evaluation of medical devices and other fields, to find comprehensive solutions for R&D registration.


WEIPU YIYAO is located in more than 30 provinces in China, as well as in other countries and regions of Asia, Europe and the United States and so on. Most of the 100 compulsory pharmaceutical enterprises in China choose WEIPU Bio-pharmaceutical Division as a trusted long-term partner. Many international medical device manufacturers choose WEIPU Bio-pharmaceutical Divisionas a R&D support partner of advanced and innovative products in global R&D CRO.


WEIPU YIYAO reveres regulations and intellectual property rights, and have established a complete scientific management system to ensure compliance and effective protection of customer research results.


Life and health is the eternal concern of mankind. WEIPU YIYAO is willing to work with the vast number of medical workers to protect human life and health with wisdom and technology.

  1. Instruments of

    100 Sets
  2. Customers in

    30 Provinces
  3. Serviced for

    500 Enterprises
  4. Experience of

    1000 Projects



Why choose us

  1. Advantages



    Team with more than 100 professional technicians of which master's degree accounted for more than 60%. Years of experience in project practice and R&D experiments. Nearly 1,000 established trace substances testing methods.

  2. Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    The laboratory is constructed in accordance with GMP and ISO/IEC 17025 standards. In 2018, it has received more than 50 audits from different customers or regulatory agencies, all of which have passed the verification.

  3. Domain Focus

    Domain Focus

    Domain Focus

    Dedicated to EL research for nearly 10 years, focusing on quality research of drugs and impurities, devoted to exploring technical routes for research, development, testing and safety evaluation of medical devices.

  4. Instrument Platform

    Instrument Platform

    Instrument Platform

    More than 100 precision analysis instruments, powerful database support, LIMS system management, fast, high quality, always on standby