Leaders of Shanghai Economic and Information Committee visited the Microspectrum Technology guidance work

Leaders of Shanghai Economic and Information Committee visited theMicrospectrum Technology guidance work
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On February 20, 2019, Song Xiaohui, deputy director of the Urban Industry Department of Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission, Liang Jie and Tong Sen from Tongji Science and Technology Park visited the Weipu Technology to investigate the development of micro-spectrum enterprises.

Accompanied by the leaders of Microspectrum Technology , Jia Menghong and other leaders, Director Song and his party visited Microspectrum Technology exhibition hall and laboratory to understand the construction and operation of Microspectrum Technology laboratory instrument platform.

At the research meeting, Jia Menghong, general manager of Weipu Technology, introduced that Weipu Technology is a large-scale research-based analysis and testing institution specialized in materials and chemistry. The company's turnover has grown steadily for more than ten years, and it is inseparable from the innovative and entrepreneurial environment created by the government. Can not do without the support of the Municipal Economic Commission.

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, in addition to the Shanghai headquarters, Weipu Technology has branches in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu and other places, covering business, materials, chemistry, environmental protection, food, cosmetics and biomedicine. In the product development, quality control, performance improvement, cost optimization problems, provide comprehensive solutions such as component analysis, product development, product testing, instrument testing, and effectively help many chemical materials companies to solve technical problems in production and development.