Xie Jiangang, the head of Yangpu District, Shanghai, visited the Microspectrum Technology guidance work.

Xie Jiangang, the head of Yangpu District, Shanghai, visited theMicrospectrum Technology guidance work.
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On November 20, 2018, Xie Jiangang, the head of Shanghai Yangpu District, and his party visited theMicrospectrum Technology guidance. The founder ofMicrospectrum Technology, Professor Ren Tianbin and general manager Jia Menghong, accompanied the company's senior staff to inspect the work.

Group photo (the fifth from right to the Yangpu district head Xie Jiangang, the sixth is the general manager ofMicrospectrum Technology Jia Menghong)

Jia Menghong, general manager ofMicrospectrum Technology, introduced thatMicrospectrum Technology is a large-scale research-type testing institution specialized in materials and chemistry. It was established in 2008. In recent years, the company's turnover has grown steadily, and it is inseparable from the innovative and entrepreneurial environment created by Yangpu District. It is even more inseparable from the support of the district committees.

Since its establishment 10 years ago, in addition to its Shanghai headquarters,Microspectrum Technology has branches in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu and other places. Its business covers materials, chemistry, environmental protection, food and other fields, and it is aimed at product development and quality control. The problems encountered in performance improvement and cost optimization provide comprehensive solutions such as component analysis, product development, product testing, and instrument testing, which effectively help many chemical materials companies solve technical problems in production R&D.

As of October 2018, the company has more than 250 large-scale precision instruments, more than one million pieces of spectrum data, and the laboratory has obtained CNAS and CMA qualifications; and won high-tech enterprises, national SME public services. Demonstration platform, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise and other honorary titles. It has established cooperation with more than 50,000 customers including many top 500 companies, covering China and many overseas regions.

General Manager Jia Menghong also reported to the head of the district and several district committee leaders on the future development plan of theMicrospectrum Technology. As the vice chairman unit of China New Materials Testing and Evaluation Alliance,Microspectrum Technology will continuously improve its technical strength. Under the background of the national 2025 development strategy, it will take the initiative to actively develop and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the development of new materials industry. In particular, the localization of key raw materials that restrict the development of national strategic emerging industries will make greater contributions! To provide a strong technical support for the transformation and development of China's economy and the "going out" of Chinese enterprises.

fter listening to the report, Mr. Xie highly affirmed the technical strength and development prospects of micro-spectral technology, and at the same time expressed his appreciation for the development of micro-spectrum technology and business layout. Relevant leaders have conducted in-depth discussions on relevant issues, fully affirmed the technical strength and professionalism of micro-spectral technology, and look forward to greater development and progress.

Finally, General Manager Jia Menghong, on behalf of the micro-spectrum technology, thanked the government for its long-term concern and support for the company. He said that in the future, he will continue to focus on materials and chemistry, continuously innovate, continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, seize market opportunities, and achieve rapid development and creation. More profits and taxes and employment opportunities, taking on more social responsibilities.