Jiangsu Weipu Testing passed the CMA expansion site review!

Jiangsu Weipu Testing passed the CMA expansion site review!
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On December 22-23, 2018, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision organized a team of experts from the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute, including Vice President Gao Wei and Director Shen Weijian, to conduct an on-site assessment of the expansion of the CMA expansion of Jiangsu Weipu Testing Laboratory. After two days of review and summary, Jiangsu Weipu Testing successfully passed the CMA expansion review.

The assessment team adopted the methods of “listening, reading, checking, examination, questioning”and report verification, sample retesting, personnel comparison, and spiked test on Jiangsu Weipu testing quality management system, environmental conditions, equipment, staffing and application. A comprehensive review of the tested parameters of the environment, food, water, garbage, agricultural inputs, and compressed gas in all six areas was carried out.




Through the on-site assessment and review, the review team believes that the Jiangsu Weipu quality management system continues to operate effectively, and the quantity traceability, internal audit and management review, quality supervision and quality control activities are carried out in an orderly manner, with relevant project testing capabilities and fairness to the society. Sex data, conditions and capabilities of the results, the review team experts agreed to pass the on-site assessment review. Finally, it passed 176 environmental parameters, 3 food parameters, 1 water quality parameter, 16 garbage parameters, 2 agricultural input parameters, 5 compressed gases, and 2 standard changes. At the same time, the expert group also put forward some opinions and suggestions to further improve the laboratory management and testing and testing capabilities. Weipu Technology  will continue to improve the opinions put forward by the expert group, and provide better quality testing technology services for our customers.